Partnering with Whole Foods Market

The same day I received my breast cancer diagnosis I immediately went to Whole Foods Market on a quest to buy herbs, spices, and whole foods with the attempt to heal holistically.

Unfortunately I had to proceed with traditional methods of treatment (chemotherapy, double-mastectomy, and radiation). Nonetheless I still took control of my health. I developed and maintained a healthy lifestyle taking care of my Mind.Body.Spirit.

Here we are 6 years later and I'm pleased to announce our partnership with Whole Foods Market!!

Save the date SEPTEMBER 21ST, 9AM!!
We are hosting a Breast Cancer Awareness Dance Fitness Fundraiser with Amber Gardenhire, “I Am Steelfit” !! You don't want to miss this epic event! Stay tuned for details!!



Happy New Year!  Welcome to our very first newsletter! In order to keep you all updated with our organization and wellness tips, we have decided to do a monthly newsletter. In this newsletter, you’ll find out about what’s been happening with us. It is also a good way to stay in touch outside of social media platforms, I think you’ll be surprised and excited about all the wonderful things happening with The Survivor's Nest. 

We have some new and exciting events planned for the year ahead. Our first major event kicks off April 6th, SAVE THE DATE, you don't want to miss it! February 19th, I will be 5 years free of cancer (YAY!); I'm so grateful! Also this April I will turn 40 years of age. Now you see why I'm so excited about the year ahead! I'm reaching some incredible milestones. Great things are in store.

We hope to hear from you soon, and we welcome your feedback!

Living a Wholesome Life

It can be really tough trying to balance life in this present day. We have so many things coming at us. It's so important that we keep a happy and healthy balance between the many variables in this world. Things do not always flow easily, and due to our own bad habits in body, mind, and spirit we may have to strive long and hard to accomplish our goals. We must be intentional about living a whole and balanced life.  

Being intentional means practicing self-care. Self-care means different things for different people. Self-care means caring for your whole being including:

  • Living a balanced lifestyle (being mindful of sleep, nutrition, and exercise)

  • Exerting healthy boundaries for yourself and others

  • Practicing self acceptance

  • Becoming more mindful and aware of your thoughts, behaviors, and actions

Here are six forms of self-care that will nourish your entire being.


Physical self-care means caring for your body internally and externally. Your physical self-care could be ensuring you get eight hours of rest every night, taking a long walk, or preparing a healthy and wholesome meal. By prioritizing things like sleep and nutrition, you can optimize your energy levels, which results in having more energy for yourself and loved ones.

If you haven’t practiced physical self-care before now, take small steps to take care of your body:

  • Commit to light exercise three times per week

  • Go to sleep 15 minutes before your normal bed time

  • Prepare and enjoy at least two dinners at home with a loved one each week

  • Take mental note of what types of food you are eating and assess if you need to change your eating patterns


Emotional self-care is important for your overall health. You can take care of your emotional well-being by processing and verbalizing feelings with trusted friends, family members, or a therapist. You can also release negative emotions through an expressive art form such as:

  • Listening to music

  • Singing

  • Drawing

  • Dancing

It also helps to avoid situations and people that cause you undue emotional distress. Practice setting boundaries and learn to be in touch with your thoughts and feelings. By releasing your emotions rather than bottling them in, you can move through painful experiences that may otherwise cause you to suffer.


You can practice mental self-care by trying new activities that challenge and stimulate you mentally. It’s common to get caught in stagnation traps and stick to what’s familiar, so trying a new activity or hobby can help shake off mental cobwebs.

  • Engage in a meaningful conversation with a friend

  • Try a puzzle

  • Delve into a new book

  • Explore a different philosophy from your own

  • Listen to inspiring and thought-provoking podcasts


Your spirituality is personal to you and only you. This aspect of self-care can assist in feelings of connectedness, oneness, and universality, helping diminish feelings of isolation and loneliness. 

Spiritual self-care might be achieved through:

  • Meditation

  • Yoga

  • Donating your time to a worthy cause

  • Spending time in solitude in nature

  • Reading books


Relationships are important, and social self-care means taking time to nurture the relationships you have. Practice social self-care by spending quality time with individuals who uplift and support you, such as friends, family, and trusted confidants.  
If you’re trying to escape negative social circles that don’t support your well-being, social self-care might mean looking outwards to create new, meaningful friendships and connections. A few ways to do this may be to join a like-minded group, volunteer at special events, or sign up for new activities.


Practical self-care involves caring for routine aspects of your life that support you, including:

  • Housework

  • Groceries

  • Logistics

  • Finances

These tasks may feel like chores, but these to-do’s can motivate you and instill a sense of responsibility and accomplishment. You may choose to de-clutter your home, create a calming space for yourself, or set up a routine to pay your bills on auto-pay. Sometimes things like financial matters can feel like a burden, especially if you’ve been dealing with emotional issues and negative self-talk, but having control over practical areas of your life can be incredibly empowering and rewarding.  

Practicing self-care in all aspects of your life can help nurture you as a whole being and leave no area of your life unattended. When you feel as though you’re being cared and loved for, you can give more to others—and this positive energy comes back to you tenfold.